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Director :

Yutaka Ikejima

Stars :

Meguri Yui Kawagoe Maya Sawamura Takashi Naha Yasushi Takemoto Riko Matsui Guriko Yamanote Misa Wada Taizô Kiyoshi Noma

Genre :


Release :


Rating :


Story :

Homma, a shy and hard-working car mechanic, said goodbye to Mao (Maya Sawamura), a delivery health girl who has forgiven her heart for three years. This is because he started dating with an office lady named Yurie (Meguri) who he met at a matchmaking party and got engaged. Mao was a little jealous when he realized that he secretly loved Honma, but wished for the relationship between adults and the happiness of Honma. On the way home one day, Homma found a dirty kokeshi doll, cleaned it with a handkerchief moistened with water, and placed it on the flowerbed. That night, a strange young woman (Yui Kawagoe) visited the room. She forcibly went up to the room and said that she was a kokeshi doll...

Seiai scandal: Kokeshi to hanayome

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